Our vision is to LIVE BEYOND BOUNDARIES. We envision a world where there is no division between people, only love and acceptance. The 1Love brand represents all people, beyond religion, beyond nationality, beyond stereotype – we are all brothers and sisters and no walls divide us. We want to do this by spreading a message of love through charity. For every t-shirt purchased we will donate 100% of the proceeds to a variety of worthy charities around the world. From autism to clean water to providing clothing to those in desperate need, our vision is to show love through kindness, tolerance and acceptance to all people, because every one of us is worthy of love…1Love.


Kostas Almiroudis grew up in Xios, Greece, and as a young boy he remembers a world with no prejudice. Now, as an adult, he has noticed the world becoming more and more polluted with news and media feeding us stories about one another that simply aren’t true. As a father of 3 young boys: Giorgio, Tino and Stefano, his mission is to show them a world where boundaries don’t exist, where people are all the same, and are all worthy of love and acceptance. Through the 1Love brand we have one simple mission — to create a family of people all around the world, who are bound together in love, and ready to do whatever it takes to give to and support those who need it most…1Love.


Wear a shirt. Show your love! The 1Love brand represents your support of LIVING BEYOND BOUNDARIES. 100% of the proceeds from your T-shirt goes to support a variety of very important charities, including autism awareness, providing clean water to 3rd world countries, and providing clothing to those in need. As we grow, so does our mission. Join the 1Love family and get your shirt today!



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